ESE 136: Climate Models


Prof. Tapio Schneider
516 S. Catalina Ave



Thursdays 2:30-3:55pm, 162 S. Mudd

Grading Policy

  • Class participation and presentations: 60%
  • Final presentation or project: 40%

Schedule and Handouts

  • Week



  • 04/04

    Historical overview, components of a climate model

  • 04/11

    Fluid envelopes: atmosphere, oceans, and the physical laws governing them

    Goosse, chapter 3.3 (online notes)

  • 04/18

    Key concepts in the numerical solution of differential equations: spatial discretization and time stepping methods; computational complexity

    Goosse, chapter 3.4 (online notes)

  • 04/25

    Numerics (continued). Parameterization of unresolved processes

    Goosse, chapter 3.4 (online notes)

    Parameterizations (McFarlane 2011)

  • 05/02

    Ocean modeling: concepts and challenges

  • 05/09

    Land modeling: biosphere and hydrology

  • 05/16

    Coupling components and emergent phenomena

  • 05/23

    Model evaluation

  • 05/30

    Student presentations

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