ESE 134: Cloud and Boundary Layer Dynamics


Prof. Tapio Schneider
238 Linde+Robinson
Office hours: Fridays 2-3pm


Emanuel, K A., 1994: Atmospheric Convection. Oxford UP.

Garratt, J. R., 1994: The Atmospheric Boundary Layer. Cambridge UP.

Houze, R. A., 1994: Cloud Dynamics. Academic Press.

Stull, R. B., 1988: An Introduction to Boundary Layer Meteorology. Elsevier.

Wyngaard, J. C., 2010: Turbulence in the Atmosphere. Cambridge UP.

Teaching Assistants

Sally Zhang
209 Linde+Robinson


Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-10:25am
135 Linde+Robinson


  • Homework 1 [PDF]

    Due Date: April 19
  • Homework 2 [PDF]

    Due Date: April 26
  • Homework 3 [PDF]

    Due Date: May 3
  • Homework 4 [PDF]

    Due Date: May 17
  • Homework 5 [PDF]

    Due Date: May 29

Grading Policy

  • Homework assignments: 60%
    • Homework assignments will be distributed on Thursdays and are due the following Thursday.
    • There will be about 6 assignments; the lowest score will be dropped in the final grade.
    • Collaboration on homework sets is encouraged, but please turn in solutions individually and state on your solutions with whom you collaborated.
  • In-class presentation: 40%.

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