Openings: Positions

  • PhD Projects in Climate Dynamics

    We always seek knowledgable and motivated graduate students for PhD projects in the climate sciences. Possible projects may address questions, for example, in large-scale dynamics such as, How and why do monsoons change under global warming? What shapes the trajectories and intensities of midlatitude storms? Or they may address questions in smaller-scale dynamics such as, How does cloud cover change under global warming? How can we improve the representation of low clouds in climate models?

    PhD students need to have an undergraduate degree or equivalent in physics, mathematics, engineering, the atmospheric sciences, or a related field. A solid background in mathematics and physics is generally more important than prior experience in the atmospheric or climate sciences.

    If you are interested in a PhD project, please apply to Caltech‘s PhD program in Environmental Science and Engineering and/or contact Tapio Schneider (e-mail: The deadline for applications is January 1.