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ESE/Ge 173: Topics in Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics


A course on advanced topics in atmosphere and ocean dynamics, leading to current research problems. Topics covered vary from year to year and include geostrophic turbulence, cloud and boundary layer dynamics, principles of global planetary circulations, large-scale ocean dynamics, and tropical atmosphere dynamics.

Past Topics:

  • Geophysical Turbulence (2003)
  • Global Atmospheric Circulations (2004)
  • Large-Scale Dynamics of the Atmosphere (2005)
  • Principles of Global Planetary Circulations (2006)
  • Tropical Atmosphere Dynamics (2007)
  • Large-Scale Ocean Dynamics (2008)
  • Principles of Planetary Circulations (2009)
  • Cloud and Boundary Layer Dynamics (2011, with Joao Teixeira)