Akshay Sridhar

Research Scientist
Environmental Science and Engineering
CliMA House (210)
MC C1-221

Current Research Interests
  • Subgrid-scale modelling of atmospheric processes (stratocumulus clouds)
  • Numerical techniques in earth-system modeling + high-performance computing


  • PhD 2018. (Advisor: Prof. Dale Pullin), GALCIT, Caltech, Stanback STEM Fellow (2018)
    • Thesis: Large-eddy simulations of turbulent boundary layers with spatially varying roughness.
  • M.S. Space Engineering, Caltech (2014), Pickering Fellowship (2013-14)
  • B.E.(Honours) Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury NZ (2013)
  • Sridhar, A., Pullin, D. I., & Cheng, W. (2017). Rough-wall turbulent boundary layers with constant skin friction. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 818, 26-45. [Link]
  • Kuang, A., Sridhar, A., Garven, J., Gutschmidt, S., Rodgers, G. W., Chase, J. G., … & MacRae, G. A. (2015). Christchurch Women’s Hospital: Performance Analysis of the Base-Isolation System during the Series of Canterbury Earthquakes 2011–2012. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 30(4), 04015096. [Link]
  • Sridhar, A., Kuang, A., Garven, J., Gutschmidt, S., Chase, J. G., Gavin, H. P., … & MacRae, G. A. (2014). Christchurch Women’s Hospital: Analysis of Measured Earthquake Data during the 2011–2012 Christchurch Earthquakes. Earthquake spectra, 30(1), 383-400. [Link]
  • Gavin, H, Sridhar, A, Rodgers, GW, MacRae, GA, Chase, JG, Coar, M, Harvey, P, Nigbor, R, Farrel, R and Gutschmidt, S (2013). “Seismically-Isolated Christchurch Women’s Hospital (NZ) Aftershock Monitoring 2011-09-14 – 2012-06-25”, Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation, (data=463 files), doi: 10.4231/D3901ZF92. [Curated Dataset]
Conference Presentations/ Papers
  • Sridhar, A., Pullin, D. I.(2017, November). Large-eddy simulation of turbulent boundary-layer flow through a rough-smooth wall-surface transition. In APS Meeting Abstracts. (APS DFD). [Link]
  • Sridhar, A., Pullin, D. I., & Cheng, W. (2016, November). Modeling and large-eddy simulation (LES) of a turbulent boundary layer over linearly-varying surface roughness. In APS Meeting Abstracts. (APS DFD). [Link]
  • Sridhar A., McVicar J. and Gutschmidt S. (2012) Group dynamics of a building cluster: A nonlinear model. Seoul, South Korea: International Conference on Geomechanics and Engineering (ICGE’12), 26-29 Aug 2012 (Presented by Gutschmidt, S). [Link]
  • Various topics: GALCIT Fluid Mechanics Research Conference (Department Seminars,2016,2017,2018)
  • The Ernest E. Sechler Memorial Award in Aeronautics, 2018 (Teaching and Research contributions, BASE11/AMP program)
  • BASE11/ Caltech Aerospace Mentorship Program (Jan-Jun 2018), Lead Mentor
  • AE101 (2015-18): Fluid Mechanics, 7 terms (Teaching Assistant)
  • AE232 (2017): Computational Fluid Dynamics, 1 term (Teaching Assistant)


  • Souza, A.N., He, J., Bischoff, T., Waruszewski, M., Novak, L., Barra, V., Gibson, T., Sridhar, A., Kandala, S., Byrne, S., Wilcox, L.C., Kozdon, J., Giraldo, F.X., Knoth, O., Marshall, J., Ferrari, R., Schneider, T., 2023: The flux-Differencing discontinuous Galerkin method applied to an idealized fully compressible nonhydrostatic dry atmosphere. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 15, e2022MS003527.
    [PDF] [Official Version]

  • Shen Z., Sridhar, A., Tan, Z., Jaruga A., Schneider, T., 2022: A library of large-eddy simulations forced by global climate modelsJournal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems,
    14, e2021MS002631.
    [PDF] [Official Version]