Robert Jnglin Wills

Former Ph.D. student in the Climate Dynamics Group. Now a research scientist at the University of Washington

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  • Bonan, D. B., Schneider, T., Eisenman, I., Wills, R. C. J., 2021: Constraining the date of a seasonally ice-free Arctic using a simple model, Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2021GL094309.
    [PDF] [Official Version]

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    [PDF] [Official Version]

  • Wills, R. C. J., Battisti, D. S., Armour, K. C., Schneider, T. , Deser, C., 2020: Pattern Recognition Methods to Separate Forced Responses from Internal Variability in Climate Model Ensembles and Observations, Journal of Climate, 33, 8693–8719.
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  • Wills, R. C. J., Schneider, T., 2018: Mechanisms setting the strength of orographic Rossby waves across a wide range of climates in a moist idealized GCM. Journal of Climate, 31, 7679–7700.
    [PDF] [Official Version]

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    [Official Version]

  • Wills, R. C., Schneider, T., Wallace, J. M., Battisti, D. S., Hartmann, D. L., 2018: Disentangling global warming, multidecadal variability, and El Niño in Pacific temperaturesGeophysical Research Letters45, 2487-2496, doi: 10.1002/2017GL076327
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    [PDF] [Official Version] [Corrigendum]

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  • Wills, R. C. and T. Schneider, 2016: How stationary eddies shape changes in the hydrological cycle: Zonally asymmetric experiments in an idealized GCMJournal of Climate, 29, 3161-3179.
    [PDF] [Official version]

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    [PDF] [Official version] [Corrigendum]

  • Schneider, T., Wills, R., 2013: An L.A. Weather Report in 2100 A.D.
    Zocalo Public Square Nexus, February 19, 2013.